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BCPGRP - Well productivity

Due to high competition and the need to meet deadlines, modern industries with focus on market demand high availability and reliability of their equipment. With this view, in the last years the maintenance activity has undergone several changes which have led to an evolution in the standpoint of organization and planning of its execution. According to Kardec & Nascif (1998), the direct causes for this development are: The quick increase of the amount and the diversity of physical elements that compose varied equipment of process plants that must be kept available, Most complex engineering projects, New methods for maintenance activity and New approaches about the maintenance organization and their responsibilities.
The concept of predictive maintenance has emerged as a result of these demands. Predictive maintenance is the regular monitoring of operating condition (variables and parameters) - the performance - from a device or process that will provide the necessary data to ensure the maximum allowed interval between repair and better intervention planning.


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Training is one of the best investments in human resources and a major source of welfare for staff, it contributes to personal and professional development of individuals while bringing benefits to the company.

Well performance evaluation

Due to the global market with increasingly demanding applicants , you ensure that the allocation of resources or funding to be able to meet the expectations of all socios.La reduction of uncertainty in a business opportunity or the satisfaction of a need, achieved by performing a proper evaluation of the well.

Monitoring and historical well

Products based on engineering and testing high onfiabilidad dfallas are essential for building durable permanent monitoring systems and are responsible for an impressive record of sensors permanently installed worldwide . These sensors provide the data needed , both to solve immediate problems like planning for long-term developments.

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